Track Your Hours – Even When Children Aren’t Present

Many of you maintain good records tracking your hours when children are present,  but how good are you tracking your hours – when children aren’t present?

There are chores/tasks you perform, maybe on a daily basis, after or before the children arrive.  Those hours are important.  They add up.  It only applies to chores/tasks performed on location.  You can’t count the hours spent doing general housekeeping.  One good way to determine what you should count is to ask yourself – “would I be doing this, if I weren’t in business?”  If the answer is “no” … then count it.  Don’t count washing your cars, mowing the lawn, cleaning the oven, etc.

To help you in keeping track of these hours, we have created a daily checklist of routine chores and tasks that almost all providers perform – routinely, but neglect to keep track of.  Before you know it, you can’t remember if it took you 30 minutes – or 90.  Sure, it’s only 15 minutes — but those minutes add up.