Track your hours BEFORE and AFTER children are present


Before and After Hour ChecklistYour job starts well before children are present and goes on well after the last child has left your care.

Unfortunately, it is exactly for that reason that so much of your time never gets counted, as it should.

Most child care providers give an approximate idea of how long they spent doing “chores”.

Unfortunately, many “lo-ball” on the actual amount of time they spend doing chores before and after children are present.  We believe this checklist will help you.

First, don’t think of it as an administrative chore.  That makes it “work”.  Instead think of it as truly getting to see how well you manage your time – in real numbers.  You will either discover that you know your day down to the minute, or you will discover you don’t and have shortchanged yourself.

Click HERE to download a word version of this checklist, that you can customize to your specifications.  Click HERE for a pdf version.