Child Care Provider Medical Safety Checklist


It is critical that child care providers (even a relative or the teenager from down the street) have adequate information to care for a child. You don’t have to know every detail of the child’s history, but you do need to know about communication and medical details to keep a child safe. Following is a basic checklist of important information to get from all the parents of your children.   Each child should have a file on them to keep their information protected and accessible at all times.


  • Phone numbers for both parents and/or protective guardian
  • Doctor’s phone number
  • Phone number for relative who is familiar with the needs, preferences of the child
  • Emergency numbers: ambulance, fire, police
  • Medication information (including times and amounts)
  • Allergies (if applicable)
  • Child’s routine (meals, bedtime)
  • Food preferences
  • Child’s primary language
  • Rules and appropriate consequences
  • Calming techniques

We have provided this checklist in a form that you can use over and over. Check back for updated versions.  Click to download the Child Care Medical Checklist here.

CCTS 2-page Medical History TemplateAt home, make sure your child care provider is aware that the checklist is near a phone. This is an especially good reminder for frequent providers who may be comfortable with your child and forget that there are important instructions in case of an emergency.

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