How To Handle Custody Disputes Involving Children In Your Care

Tom Copeland Podcast: Custody Disputes

Tom Copeland has a great post on how to handle custody dispute issues that you might be confronted with.  Read the following situations, and then go to his blog see Tom’s words of advice.  How should you handle the following three situations?300X250 Focus Blurb Ad V2 Bigger Print


First – A mother calls you up and says, “My husband and I are starting divorce proceedings and I don’t want him to pick up our child anymore.”

Second – At the time of enrollment the mother tells you that she is separated, but not divorced, from the father. One day a man shows up at your home saying he is the father and is there to pick up his child. The child runs to him, saying “daddy, daddy!” You’ve never seen this man before.

Third – Parents have joint physical custody and the father picks up the child on Fridays. The father tells you his new girlfriend will be picking up the child next Friday. The mother finds out and says she doesn’t want girlfriends picking up her child.