Communicating Your Child Care Business Policies


Baby with Blue ShoesIt is your responsibility to communicate your policies in your business.  Clients will appreciate the information, and creates a basis of communication between you and the client.  It establishes how you conduct your business, and gives parents an “inside look” of what to expect in your performance.  It also lets them know what is expected of them.

It can be as short or as long as you want.  In this you control how much detail you want to provide.  Once created, it can easily be updated with new content, new services, etc.  For example, core sections can explain

  1. About you and your business – length of time, license or certifications, staffing, insurances, what type of emergency or first air training you and your staff has, it can include photos of your child care facility, including play materials and equipment.
  2. Client responsibilities – this section should be a clear articulation of what your clients/parents role is and what is their responsiblity.
  3. Your Program – A snapshot of a day in your business.  It can even include all the preparations you go through, before children arrive, to make sure it is safety and clean.  This is all part of your services to that client’s children.  The more clients/parents know about how you care for their child, the greater the sense of security and confidence.  Let them know!
  4. Child Safety Policies – We offer a terrific assortment of checklists that you can use in your handbook.  They include a Child Medical Checklist that covers the essential things you NEED TO KNOW.  In our Resources section, download our meal & snack log, or the 36 page  City of La Mesa Safety Handbook  that includes Emergency Services, Child Safety, and Basic First Aid information along with other disaster preparedness guidelines.
  5. Forms – Use this section to include any permission-based forms you will need to have clients (parents) sign.  You can find these type of forms, such as the Field Trip Permission Form that you can customize for your specific business.