IRS Forms and Guides For Child Care Providers

IRS Forms and Guides and Seal-of-US-Treasury-IRSEasy-to-read IRS Forms and Guides for Child Care Providers

This is our page dedicated to IRS Forms and Guides – and a whole bunch of links.  If you are looking for checklists and logs – check out our section on mileage logs, forms & checklists exclusively designed for child care providers.  These can best customized for your business.  If you don’t see something, contact us and let us know.  We’ll get it. Maybe you have an idea for a form.  Let us know that too. We want to help you keep good records, because you also have the greatest number of deductions available – and the IRS knows that.

Child Care Provider IRS Audit Technique Guide

Publication 587 Business Use of Your Home, Cat. No. 151547, January 5, 2013

BTI Mileage Record tax-diary-summaries

Where’s my refund? (IRS Link)

Apply for EIN OnLine (IRS Link)

IRS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

IRS Installment Agreement Application

IRS Withholding Calculator

FTB Payment Options

FTB Installment Agreement Request Forms

My FTB Account

FTB Check My Refund State

IRS Circular

Definition of Tax Terms

Tax News, Savers and Tips

Glossary of tax terms and their definitions