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Finished With Taxes? Not just yet.

What Should You Keep?

Med size man staring at filesNow that April 15 has come and gone – you may look at this time as an opportunity to clean up, clean out and get organized.  We will be writing about tips to freshen or set up your in-home office to help you in your recordkeeping, but before we go there… let’s talk about your tax files first and what you need to keep.

Begin by gathering all of the documents and files that you pulled together to prepare your taxes. Continue reading

Ready… Set… Prepare! Disaster Activity Book For Children

Ready...Set...Prepare! FEMA Disaster Preparedness Activity BookReady… Set… Prepare! Disaster Activity Book For Children

Activity Book That Teaches Children Gently…

We came across this book, Ready… Set… Prepare! Disaster Activity Book For Children that is published by FEMA and can serve as a wonderful aid for educating our small children about emergency situations they’ll need to learn… young.

It is a 36 page glossy paper book that delivers the “need to know” lessons as gently as possible.

They start with words and their meaning: Aftershock, Authorities, Dangerous, Disaster, Emergency and so on.

There are B&W templates that you can cut out and copy, such as  “My Family Communication Plan”, “Taking Care of Pets” and a “clue” game that gives a scenario and asks “what is this called” or asks what other actions should the child take if they are in a situation.

To find out more about this publication, you can send an email to: or call 1-800-480-2520.

Other sites for information:
FEMA for Kids
Are You Ready?  www.fema/gov/areyouready
American Red Cross




Promoting Home Childcare Business – Tips and Strategies #1

Baby Only Facing Right5 Ways to Promote Your Home Childcare Business

Child Care Tax Specialists isn’t just about taxes We write about, and share, best practices for the business owner to help them tackle their administrative tasks that they make time for every day, every week, every month.  We aren’t seasonal.  We work with our child care clients throughout the year, including our bi-annual YMCA Tax & Recordkeeping Seminars and Audit Workshops.

In this series, we will share some of the best “how to’s” out there beginning with this article by Rachel Carpenter.

Did you just recently start a home child care business? Do you have several openings to fill? Are you looking for places on where to advertise your child care services? Here are a few advertising options to consider.

Where to Advertise a Home Day Care Tip #1: Advertise Through Friends (Word-of-Mouth)    One of the cheapest ways to get the news out about your business is through word-of-mouth. Tell your friends that you are starting a home child care business and that you have openings. Your friend will then pass the information along to anyone they know that needs child care.

Do you have Facebook, MySpace or Twitter? Make a status update or tweet saying “I’ve started a home child care business! I’m exciting about caring for children and helping families. If you know of anyone needing child care, please refer me!” You might also tell your friends through e-mail, or just give them a call to let them know. You might also share with your friends at church, your neighbors and any groups that you are part of.

This advertising method is perhaps one of the most effective ways to advertise because it comes with a reference. If people know that you are a reputable, caring person, they are more likely to consider your services.

Where to Advertise a Home Day Care Tip #2: Advertise Online

The next inexpensive way to advertise your home day care is online. You might start with the website Search for a local online mom’s group in your area. Join the group and introduce yourself, and share the news about your business. Some Cafemom groups will have a section just for advertising, and you can advertise there.

You might also advertise on in the “child care” section. Additionally, you can also check to see if there is a local Facebook group for moms, and you might mention there. Do not spam people on Cafemom or Facebook, as that it will only hurt your business.

Where to Advertise a Home Day Care Tip #3: Advertise Through Flyers

A third low-cost way to advertise your child care business is through Flyers. Create eye-catching, adorable fliers. Be sure that they are professional looking. (Don’t just write a hand-written note saying “Home Day Center Has Openings. Call XXX”) Be sure to include your qualifications, if you are CPR and First Aid Certified, and that you have references available. It is best to make the flyers colorful, if possible.

Post these fliers wherever parents might go. Try putting them in grocery stores, gyms, coffee shops, college and other locations that have bulletin boards available. You might also try to advertise in teacher’s lounges at local schools – it doesn’t hurt to stop by the school and ask. You can also try placing the flyers in child-related businesses such as clothing stores, dance studios, etc.

Where to Advertise a Home Day Care Tip #4: Advertise in Newspapers

If none of the options above work, remember you can always advertise in local newspapers. If there is a Thrifty Nickel in your area, try advertising there. You might also try running a classified ad in a local family magazine or community newspaper. And, don’t forget you can advertise in your town or city’s newspaper as well. Be sure to have references available for anyone who calls.

Where to Advertise a Home Day Care Tip #5: Advertise at Local Community Health Fairs    A fifth option is to rent a booth at a local community health fair. This is a great way to meet parents in person and promote your business. Be sure to have business card and flyers handy to share with prospective clients. And, of course, have a list of references available for anyone who asks. It doesn’t hurt to have resume handy as well.

These are just five ways to promote your home childcare business! As home day centers are in demand in most areas, you should have several children to care for in no time at all. Good Luck and Happy Working!